Originally established by Marianne Kruse in 2013, the idea for MyMy Copenhagen sprung from a lifelong obsession with fashion and an intimate knowledge of the wants and needs of fashion consumers. From day one it has been MyMy’s sincere mission to connect a wide audience to great accessories and the qualities that make them stand out and remain relevant through time and shifting trends.
After proving the brand’s point through several seasons, Kruse has now left the reigns to Line Baun, a friend and long-time collaborator who found her way into fashion by way of a career in lifestyle and design. Having worked alongside Kruse, Line Baun has intimate knowledge with the values and pedigree of MyMy, and will continue its traditions and expand its signature style.

Making the basic extraordinary
A good accessory holds the power to elevate an expression or reinterpret a look. It also acts as a foundation for fashion’s growing need to be flexible and diverse, when carrying out multiple functions in modern-day living.

At MyMy we see bags as part of the contemporary woman’s ‘survival-kit’. They are the essential pieces that follow you everywhere. It is our expressed wish to make the basic extraordinary, to allow the functional to be beautiful, and to realize it in a quality that makes it possible for the products to be enjoyed for a long time and in many contexts.

Obtainable luxury
In addition to this design philosophy, MyMy has made it a goal to make bags that gives you a sense of luxury while still being obtainable to most. That challenge has been met by carefully establishing an efficient production network, able to meet the demand for high quality at sensible prices. MyMy do not believe in a ‘buy and throw away’ lifestyle, but enjoy the relationship you can establish to an object when it has proven itself through time and use. Therefore we have chosen materials that can stand the test of time and endure real use with grace, making the craftsmanship truly and continuously shine through.

A fascination of accessories, and how they enable us to express ourselves, is a central part of MyMy’s profile. It is an excitement we share with our customers and a dialogue that will continue to influence our future designs.